Automated Gates, Greenville, SC

Turn to us when you need installation, maintenance or repairs of automated gates for your Greenville community.

Automated Gates in Greenville, South Carolina

One of the biggest costs of operating a gated community is the labor involved with manning the entrance. That is why many Greenville, South Carolina communities have made the switch to automated gates. These systems restrict access to only those vehicles you have provided a code or scannable tag to, so you can provide the same level of security without having an actual person present. Here at Quality Electrical Contractors, we offer a variety of services related to automated gates.

  • Installation – If you are considering making the change to automated gates, we can give you a quote for the cost of the gate and the installation of the gate and system. There are many different types to choose from, so you can easily match the style of your community.
  • Maintenance – Depending on the size of your community and the number of residents, your automated gates could be cycled dozens to hundreds of times each day. It is imperative to keep up with maintenance on your gates so they function reliably and safely. Your residents will quickly lose favor with the HOA and the gate system if they are repeatedly unable to get through the gate or if the gate damages their vehicle. With our maintenance services for automated gates, you can be confident you won’t be taking angry calls every month.
  • Repair – As with anything, automated gates do run into trouble from time to time and require repairs. This can be from a part wearing out to your automated gates being damaged by a resident or delivery driver. We offer repair services that will get your gate operating properly as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about automated gates, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve proudly served this Greenville area since 1972, and we’re confident our services will exceed your expectations.