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Licensed Electrician in Greenville, South CarolinaWinter is finally upon us, and while that means hot chocolate, sweaters, and the holidays, it also means you might be panicking about what your utility bills are going to look like. Instead of piling on the layers while you’re at home and switching off the heat, here are a few easy tips from a licensed electrician on how to stay comfortable while decreasing your energy consumption:

  • Invest in plastic sheeting—Chances are, you don’t use every door and window in your house every day. To reduce drafts and keep in the heat, place plastic sheeting over unused or rarely used windows and doors. If you’d rather not buy plastic, sheets and light blankets can also do the trick.
  • Turn the heat down at night—While this may seem too easy, it can be a big difference in terms of your utility bills. However, you don’t have to turn your thermostat down to 40 degrees – just putting your home at a slightly lower temperature at night or when you’re away is all it takes.
  • Close unused vents—Do you rarely, if ever, go in your guest room, home office, or spare bedroom? If you have a room that goes unused most of the time, close the door and the vents in the room to reduce your energy footprint.
  • Install more flood lighting—Whether indoors or outdoors, flood lighting is an extremely durable, bright, and eco-friendly method of lighting.

On top of all of these tips, being smarter with the electrical work in your home can make a big difference when it comes to your monthly utility bills. Our qualified licensed electricians are always around to help, and we would be more than happy to identify areas where you could cut power consumption in your home. Contact us today to find out more!